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About Us

Chubby's Diner offers a home style hearty breakfast menu and finger-licking lunch bites. From breakfast sandwiches and waffles, to wings, burgers and salads at lunch or dinner, Chubby's has it all!

Their energy and drive to serve huge portions of great food at reasonable prices in a FRIENDLY, FUN, WELCOMING AND INVITING manner led to the opening of Chubby’s American Grill- where guest didn’t just WANT to come back more-they NEEDED to. Several years and 2 restaurants later, circumstances changed, and the Miller family of 5 relocated to Goldsboro, North Carolina. This family affair is super stoked to start cookin’ for Wayne County with their spin off, Chubby’s Diner. They can’t wait to see you Come Hungry and Leave Chubby!!


  • Diner
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch


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